Name: Garry Mac
Location: Glasgow
Seeking: £300
District: Comics Area: Science Fiction
Live Since: 29 Jun 2015
I'm raising money to do a short print run of my free digital comic to show at the Glasgow Comic Con in July.
Name: Moopsie96
Location: Hammond
Seeking: $5,000
District: Causes Area: Health
Live Since: 05 Jan 2015
Raising money for financial needs due an unexpected challenge with breast cancer.
Name: Spanish Preschool Fence
Location: Carrollton
Seeking: $10,000
District: Causes Area: Educational
Live Since: 11 Sep 2014
CrowdBoarders, help us raise funds to build a fence around my preschool so the children can play sports! :)
Name: This is a Good Sign
Location: Santa Cruz
Seeking: $10,000
District: Causes Area: Public Benefit
Live Since: 27 Dec 2014
Inspire your community to be a happier, more friendly place, one Good Sign at a time.
Location: Las Vegas
Seeking: $80,000
District: Comics Area: Science Fiction
Live Since: 06 Jan 2015
MAX ADVENTURE Animated Educational Series for
Name: Spin Web Series Funding
Location: Los Angeles
Seeking: $1,000
District: Films&Video Area: Comedy
Live Since: 01 Dec 2014
The Producers of Classic Alice and Bullets is fundraising for their new web series comedy called Spin. Help make season 1 come true!
Name: Angels 4 Good Shepherd
Location: Houston
Seeking: $2,500
District: Causes Area: Human Services
Live Since: 14 Nov 2014
Let's give 40 boys from a local boys home a GREAT Christmas! Many of them have never had one... be a part of something AMAZING!!
Name: Capacity 2 Care
Location: Dallas
Seeking: $5,000
District: Food Area: Plants
Live Since: 03 Oct 2014
Raising money for property, seeds, tools and other necessities for building community gardens around DFW.
Name: HBA
Location: Masaya
Seeking: $5,000
District: Causes Area: Educational
Live Since: 26 Sep 2014
CrowdBoarders help us to set up an internet connection for our school in Nicaragua to better educate the children!
Location: Dallas
Seeking: $3,000
District: Fashion Area: Casual
Live Since: 09 Sep 2014
Only 100 of the Born in Texas CrowdBoarders T-shirt's will ever be printed, help us raise the money to get yours.
Name: The Memorial Garden
Location: London
Seeking: £260,000
District: Causes Area: Military
Live Since: 25 May 2014
The Guards Museum of London is building a memorial garden monument to commemorate the centennial of WW1 and the battles on Flanders Field
Name: M-M Bio-Char
Location: Dallas
Seeking: $100,000
District: Business Area: Agriculture
Live Since: 30 Jun 2014
I am raising money for equipment and supplies to create one of the best organic soil ammendments in the world. It contains Nutrients, Micro-Nut....
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